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                              Starry Sky

Among all the finishes of the ceiling System "Starry sky" is the most spectacular, enchanting, magical and original.

Thanks to modern technology, the lighting brightness can be set at will, and individual stars can Shine in different ways. Quite often in the process of creation of "Starry sky" uses of popular crystals "Swarovski". They can be used to diversify the heavenly pattern. Moreover, such crystals add extra Shine and light.

Supply and Installation of "Starry Sky"
for ceiling, wall and pool

Fabric optic star ceilings


  • electrical safety;

  • fire safety;

  • low thermal conductivity;

  • low power consumption;

  • high wear resistance of the fibers;

  • moisture resistance;

  • the lack of sound effects.

Additional effects of the "Starry sky"

  • Starfall;

  • Northern lights;

  • the rotation of the galaxy;

  • flashing constellations;

  • flight of the comet;

  • the rotation of the planets Saturn type;

  • the explosion of a star.

To manage such effects can be both automatically and by remote control.


Supply and installation of Stretch Ceiling "Starry Sky" (gloss, satin, matte) all inclusive 

Installation Instruction

fiber optic star light dubai

Installation process

starry sky ceiling optic fiber light
starry sky ceiling optic fiber light
starry sky ceiling optic fiber light
starry sky ceiling optic fiber light
starry sky ceiling optic fiber light
starry sky ceiling optic fiber light
starry sky ceiling optic fiber light
starry sky ceiling optic fiber light
starry sky ceiling optic fiber light
starry sky ceiling optic fiber light
starry sky ceiling optic fiber light
starry sky ceiling,optic fiber light

Fibre Optic Star Ceilings in Dubai

Enter a realm filled with wonder and excitement using fibre optic star ceilings made by SDceilings. We're a pioneer in the field of high-end stretch ceilings. We offer various fibre optic star ceilings options to bring back the captivating, beautiful night sky from any space. If you're seeking to create a tranquil space within your own home, create an enchanting atmosphere in the commercial space or create a mystical setting for your hotel, The fibre optic star ceilings make the ideal solution for adding an extra touch of stellar charm to the space you're in.

Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

We at SDceilings are proud to provide high-quality lighting made of fibre optics. Made from top-quality products and installed by highly skilled artisans, our fibre optic star ceilings have been designed to meet your quality, durability, and appearance requirements. Through their seamless integration and precision, fibre optic star ceilings in Dubai provide the most immersive experience possible, taking you into deep space and allowing you to experience the splendour and wonder of night skies in a comfortable home.

Unending Design Possibilities for Fibre Ceilings Made of Optic Star

Explore the infinite design options by installing fibre optic star ceilings from SDceilings. Whether you're looking to design an authentic image of the sky at night using sparkling stars and constellations or an imaginative scene featuring shooting stars or nebulae, our fibre optic star ceilings are customizable to meet your desires and vision. Adjust the size, colours, and intensities to create a celestial artwork that reflects your style and preferences.

fibre optic star ceilings.jpg
fibre optic star ceilings.webp

Create a Magical Atmosphere

Install fibre optic star ceilings in Dubai by SDceilings and take a journey of wonder and magic. Ideal for lounges, bedrooms with spas, and other entertainment areas, our fibre-optic star ceilings provide an enchanting atmosphere that delights your senses and ignites your imagination. You can create a tranquil space to relax after a stressful day or create an enchanting background for hosting guests; our fibre-optic star ceilings will set the stage for unforgettable moments that transport you to faraway galaxies.

Expert Installation and Support

We at SDceilings know the importance of expert installation and support. It is essential to the successful completion of any fibre-optic ceiling design. This is why we provide professional installation services by our skilled technicians, who are trained to install fibre-optic star ceilings carefully. From precise measurements to seamless installation, we'll collaborate to ensure the fibre-optic ceiling you want to install is properly and effectively installed so that you can enjoy its aesthetics and function throughout the years.

Unique Ambiance: Bring the night Sky indoors using Fibre Optic Star Ceilings

Take a moment to enjoy the astonishing beauty of the night sky with fibre optical star ceilings made by SDceilings. Innovative solutions help bring back the wonder of a night sky with a starry glow and transform any space into a stunning sanctuary with beautiful celestial splendour. It doesn't matter if you're trying to create an oasis of peace within your home or an enchanting atmosphere for your venue for entertainment. Our fibre optic ceilings for starry skies set the stage for extraordinary evenings under the stars within the comforts of your home.

Customized Celestial Creations: Crafting Your Perfect Fibre Optic Star Ceiling

Explore the possibilities of creating your masterpiece of the night sky with fibre optic ceilings for starry skies from SDceilings. The customizable options allow you to personalize every aspect of your sky's celestial, including the star's density and arrangement to the light's brightness and colour. Whether you envision an idyllic and real night starry sky or an imaginative and fanciful setting, our fibre optical star ceilings will make your dreams come true in a stunning and precise manner, making it a truly distinctive and personal experience in the sky.

Experience the SDceilings Difference

We are committed to high-end quality artistry, quality, and client satisfaction; SDceilings has become your reliable partner for all fibre optic ceiling requirements. You may be looking to build an idyllic space at home, an enchanting atmosphere in your office area, or an enchanting ambience in your hotel. Our expertise and experience make your dream come to life. Explore the SDceilings effect today, and completely transform your home with our top-quality fibre optic star ceilings.

Get Started Today

Do you want to make your space more attractive to a higher level with SDceilings' fibre optical star ceilings? Contact us right now to arrange an appointment with our team of specialists and discover the possibilities of your design. We can help you design an environment that's both beautiful and unique. Get the SDceilings impact now.

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